Diary of the 5th Winter Games remotely. Game 3.

Monday 02 January, 2017

Before we get acquainted with excerpts from reports of students of the Academy of the game Lila in the third game, let's talk a little bit with you about the revival.

Players should be fully aware of the fact that the value nevozmozhnopereotsenit: the original act of awakening in the dream is not so much the result of the implementation of practices or acquired ability as aktomvyzhivaniya. Why would a man to wake up, if he likes to sleep?

You want to wake up and get rid of the contents of his dream only tomsluchae, if the dream is becoming a nightmare.

However, something dreadful to one person is not obyazatelnodolzhno scare another.

We are all different, and therefore the concept of a nightmare very individually. For example, one can be a nightmare of poverty, but for someone else - upravleniefinansovoy empire.

Similarly, a married couple of terrible kazhetsyamysl syne- criminal, while others shudder at the thought obumstvenno retarded child.

And yet, in any case, the dream becomes a nightmare because the person to whom he dreams, there is a feeling that his mind and perhaps samazhizn threatened in the truest sense of the word - in fact vosne nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Then - and only then! - A person begins to struggle for enlightenment.

Waking up is not so easy in a dream, a sudden return to the sober bodrstvovaniyuposredi night.

Awakening dream begins after chelovekprinimaet crucial decision to change.

Accumulation of genuine sobriety in a dream is a long protsessborby for sleep to see the content the way it is nasamom case.

The initial decision to become a truly decisive change, but for nimdolzhny follow the necessary actions, but that any action has happened iprineslo results take time. Simply impossible to plant a seed today izavtra also see on this site luxuriant tree.

By tradition, the teacher takes a person as a student only when he sees that the man is already fighting for Awakening.

When the student reaches this level, it is no longer necessary to convince chtolyuboe event is a struggle for life and death. He already understands this, and now he needs to learn to do chtoimenno.

The only student out - to move forward, and he begins to learn vyslezhivatsvoe perception or, in other words, to hunt down his dream.

Game statistics shows that the players are added to your game, so if the game in the second, closes the top three gaining from 6 to 10 points per game, the game in the 3rd, closes the top three, gaining 13 to 16 points per game).

So, in the third game, players trio with the greater number of points is as follows:

Rainbow 26 points - 98% return game
Joke 24 points - 93% of the return game
Leiyang 23 points - 85% of the return game ...

Closes the game in the third game three of the players:

Wanderer 16 points - % Return game (still in the game, since the presence of the resistance to carry out the practice of the warrior, is aimed at Skype - retreat).

Neo 14 points - 74% of the return game

Universe 13 points - 90% of the return game

(Particular attention should be paid, those who wish to get more points to be lighted? Is there such? Ha Ha play around only some jokes ...)

Suspended in the second game, the players Lada and Istok, on the way back to the game again Lada enters the game after a few days, with ectopic assembly point after three consultations on Skype-retreat, and Istok still continues the process of obtaining personal strength to recharge skayp- retreat, in order to continue playing.

In the case, for all suspended players, the rule:


On how the players played draws life, thereby accumulating true sobriety in a dream, a dream to see the content as it is to actually read the summary of this journal issue:

In the evening went to class, and after class, I did not pay and left, the bus remembered called, apologized. However, I understand that there will be only after the holidays. First there was the rejection itself is fine ... I direct attention to the adoption, I may be the one that did not pay, I accept myself like that, and let ... It's a game and my game is to accept yourself.

Today, only the environment but it seems to me already a week has passed, perhaps it is because I try to be realized at any given time.
On the morning of hard to get up, you will not want to. I notice the body, what happens in the morning there is not easy, there was a vivid dream as real, that woke up, I was living the dream, is the state. Then attention shifted to the feeling that call reject. But it's just a set of sensations. They do not want to take, but can live 0.5% of the total for the whole practice, as well as the attention goes, switches, I want to defend. His return again and again track down.

At night, I woke up, there is energy. Fear of rejection and loneliness. Going into the depths, it's just a feeling. It connected with the situation in the afternoon. As a result, it is understood that I did not accept, and that can take her as she is. And it is understood that it is only a sense, I am not, and they can choose their own behavior in relation to those with whom in disagreement. It can be so, I accept my feelings from her for this behavior. And I can be myself and play my game.

At night, a dream, there is some kind of unpleasant situation, and I notice thus in a dream, let them be, live, being in a dream image.

This is my templates, do the most, grab a few things at once. To move the assemblage point, you need to understand that my case is not a defense against fear. A way to express personality, manifestations of my talents and direct them to the service of the people.

Over the years, I realized that in order to compete, we must continually learn and look for new solutions. It is a creative process. Now I saw another omission, because of which I work so hard and enjoy the creativity, replaced irritation from chaos. This lack of structuring, planning and allocation of responsibilities.

Fear not cope, be bad. Fear of condemnation, rejected. I am watching the breath and pain in the temples. As the body shiver. Stress-present failure. Pain in the temples up to 7 balls in dense balls of gray color, begins to blow on them from the wind and they begin to fly off pieces. The solution, the pain was gone. It is the realization that it is only fear. And anxiety when I merge with fear, but I do not fear, I am the one who observes. It was easy to breathe in the chest went warmth and joy of any class obtained holidays.

    4:59 wake up with pain in the neck to the right. Mind still want to explain the cause of the pain from that is worn on a neck scarf to support the left arm, and machine control one with his right hand. I can not stop thinking and sit down to meditate. I am relaxing, watching the breath. Pain in the neck on the right goes to the shoulder and goes back to the shoulder blade. The sense of helplessness. Thoughts: The fear that will not be able to complete the Christmas tree. What's wrong? Not justified confidence, condemned, rejected. Loneliness. How do I live when I'm afraid of this? Tensions in stress. And if you remove this fear? Event picture appears that occur on their own. Regardless of whether I have it or not they occur. The body relaxes, the pain is almost gone by 4 points the remainder. I continue to observe the helplessness and allow events to be without my intervention. From this understanding comes complete relaxation, the muscle that has been stretched as a string and rang, warming up. The heat and do not massage. Just relax, let go of the thought, let be impotence, weakness. Tears of Energy found a way out through the eyes.

Not to sit, climb to make itself. He's laughing. Gains)) calm down. Fear not be desired. Not accustomed to lead, and to do everything herself. But people get money. It is their work and responsibilities. But this is the delegation of authority. It's just, the time that you can devote yourself. This is precisely the time of the 80%.

We must learn to manage time and allocate responsibilities. I try to do it now. Hand injury is beneficial. Since the process allows me to watch from the side and give up. This is a new experience for me.

    I bought a rose. So sadly, probably come without a gift. In the body: a lump in the throat. Rejected and lonely. Let be, it starts to hurt left breast. Nausea is enhanced. I am watching the breath. Chest pain is amplified. Thoughts: he was very little to give gifts even more pain in the chest. Clot gray. Breathe. I am thinking that the man is obliged to give gifts. All presented fur coats and diamonds, I do not. Chest pain has reached up to 7 points. Dull, oppressive. This, all presented? Who wants presents? Who needs recognition? The ego clings to the outer Love. Do I need the gifts? Strong resistance, the ego does not give up. There is a pain in the neck. I continue to watch the breath. Pain in the back of his head was gone. Chest still hurts.

    I see an old woman wandering along the empty road. She is dressed in coat and scarf. It looks very weak and dispensable. Agree. In fact, it has erased all personal history: no attachments (no family and property), there is pride and vanity (it does not care about the work of the mind and efficiency), there is a youth and health, for which you have to experience. But she knows the truth about her light, peace and wisdom. I look at myself in its light - far from me to her. Home problema is attachment to the man and his daughter. But I'm going.

     Light came in the morning meditation, like that old woman. I'm in a cocoon of Light, especially the head. Absolute awareness. Light fills the entire body, it is very hot, I feel the vibrations in all chakras. This came to light before, but briefly. At work I do not go. The whole day I meditating, doing household chores. Problems do not exist: there is no fear, anxiety. A disturbing thought creeps in if, it dissolves in the light. Body hard to be in these energies, in the evening a headache, blood vessels do not. Defend hour "Flow infinite emptiness" like a flash. After 55 minutes I have rolled such a joy and happiness that can not be described. Hands, legs hurt, but they are as if not mine. I spent an evening meditation. It crept treacherous thought: "And what will happen to the body, if there is still effort?" And everything went as usual. Stayed experience ...

    The mind can not accept the fact that in spite of love for me, he may have his own life, your way, your problem. The mind thinks that if he loves me, he must live on 100% by me only. At the level of consciousness I can see that each of us has his way. We Celebrities, met here for a while, then to go further. Agree. These are the rules of the game.

     Came. In the church funeral service an elderly man. The coffin stands in the middle, around people. I stood aside. After my father finished the ritual, he started talking about the impermanence of the body and eternal soul. I feel peace, acceptance, admiration for the way the Creator made it all up. When you put the candles, to pray for forgiveness for their sins. I feel remorse for the fact that in a fit of pain and ignorance rejected God. I ask, how can I be forgiven? Full execution of the mission of the soul: the humility and submission.

     Previously, when left alone in the New Year's holidays, I felt lonely, suffering. Now Consciousness feel grateful for what I can afford to live the way I want to meditate, practice when I want. Social conditionality less impact on the way I spend my time. To arrange a little retreat to these holidays.

    Better live his feelings in the here and now, if you do not want to receive and then wave is much larger.

   He said that he was afraid of her, as she strongly cries and he just lost and does not remember anything, but today it was calm. Immediately I remembered my childhood. With me the same thing happened. When my mother was screaming, I was turned off too soon and then could not remember the words, which she did call. :) Yes, it was my first lessons on disidentification. Thanks mom! (For example, when there is just a memory, but the re-viewing the history of life, as it should be done technically is not performed, instead of the practice to block the transformation of the body, exhibiting protection - intellectualization: Yes :) This was my first lessons on disidentification. Thanks mom!)
Meditation state of calm and relaxation.

     He returned to the trade I. all excited, fidgety, unhappy with themselves and buyers. Quietly watching him, quietly joined in his game began to feel a slight irritation, there is vanity, that one falls, the other thoughts get ahead of ourselves, and then back, general mess in my head.

    I saw the person who does it. :) Including surveillance, disidentify oneself and bustle vanished. Even more often manage to see how to switch on another wave and return to him. Everything has its time. "Patience and a little effort."

     I did not expect that so many painful areas in the body, but the body was easy. And meditation is held perfectly. All the attention was on the body and on your breathing. Surprisingly, the thoughts of others, did not exist. 35 minutes passed quickly. I did not expect such an effect from such meditation. I smile.
I really like this observation of bodily sensations, are in the Now moment. Other thoughts not at all and it's amazing. I do not know how to explain it, but there is an inner joy, although it should be just the breath and bodily sensations

    After the meditation, all discomfort are gone, except the left shoulder. Hooray! I like to do it - to track down. It appears inner thrill, no waiting, and joyful anticipation of luck - the most important thing in my life. It's probably the excitement of the hunter, who does not know what he was looking for, but feels that he is now, where it is necessary and happy.

     Running late and in a hurry, a lot of cases. The body is tense, the mood is not very much. I tell myself: calm down, do not rush. And I ask the question, but what's wrong in a hurry? And I start to hurry and do the work consciously with pleasure. I hurried playing. I was so much fun. Ha ha! I watched sensations in the body, the body is relaxed. And I rushed like the wind. Quickly I made and rejoiced. After playing the role of a man who rejoices in a hurry and without reason.

     I went to the Academy of Music, was supposed to play one piece of music, the teacher changed my 4ty time method, which was to play, and at the time of the explanations I was offended by themselves that could not understand what she was trying to tell me to convey, and it that is trying to convey to me and extort, so I could just play on the fly, as it wants to, and fell into a depression, and self-abasement oshuschenie. Again, I do not want to live, I could not miss this one of the strongest defenses. After admission to the academy, it has not yet manifested itself Lila. It was awful, I had the awareness, but did not know how to skip, and fueled this feeling, and it grew. More and it is not passed. But now I saw at which point the body unit (head), but before that I'm used to that in my chest feel negative emotions and anger felt as a concentration kept on the chest, and a block in the head area. I Discovered, but he could not miss. He began to feel strong anger to yourself + add in this episode feeling of pity on that second day do not get a reply to n. 2 and all ... I fell asleep completely. But I watch it and I did not miss by forces and see who suffers. I want to hurt and destroy everything. But as I was able to get such a gift (this experience) the next time as it will be ready and able to easily detect it.

      When I woke up he felt as if he had never been touched by anything in this world, I just believe in what I'm really touched by the situation, but there was a feeling of the surface of interest, he remembered again how rozotozhdestvlyat himself with emotion. During the shower, I turned on the hot water and it was a little bolnovato swim under such water, but at the same time I felt that the pain does not belong to me. I go out and maybe even just a T-shirt when the rest of a jacket, hat, scarf, winter gloves. I walk into a T-shirt))) I like to look at the expression of people's faces. I feel as though cold, but do not feel, do not suffer in this regard and did not get sick, no colds, temperature, head, throat pain no. I just do not believe that the sick, and I think the cold is not real).

     Why do I play and write a report, which makes the need to be active at the moment? There is a thin need to keep up with the other, the need for the ego (fear of rejection), but razotozhdestvlyayas, I understand that nothing will happen to me, just a feeling that you want to live, whoever integrity, will not change, I just have. Yet the need for awareness, not going to sleep, so you need to play, the need to move forward. Again, who wants to? The ego does not do anything about it everywhere, razotozhdestvlyayus and funny game of hide and seek.

   Amazing !!! Opening!! Doing meditation, turn it difficult people and it turns out that the "difficult" for me, it's my mom, my dad, my sister and niece !!! That's how the game! More difficult people in their environment, I did not find. In this way I move is already 25-30 years old, I pray to all the gods for them, whether my physical incarnation enough? Or it is necessary to return to this in the next life ??

The condition is not very good - the feeling of being in a mire of mud. This is not a depression, because you want something to do with it. But why is bad ?? The body feels good, emotions are sweeping low ...... arrive at it, trying to survive.

   In the morning feeling tired. I want to sleep. Whether from the fact that sleep does not matter because of the daughters. Whether it's protection. I began to suspect that the fatigue I began to defend himself from further deepening the immersion-in itself. And yet today there was the idea that I still do not pass on the warrior level. And if you pass, you will not be able to establish it in the future, because there are assumed to be full-time retreats. How do I go from A? Because everything is useless. It's time to throw ... So Dwarf whispers .... (assort it later in practice)

     Released a walk on the street, so cool to get in touch with nature, and to recall the morning walks - in the state now! Meeting people, wander, enjoy ... .muzhchina suitable asks whether I smoke ??? Opochki !! I do not smoke! What is it? Let's play! Loving kindness is everywhere! It has long been on the street no one came to me, and with such a question. And can not walk for a long time ... He said - Lucky you !!! Interesting! The universe gave me such an assessment? Lucky of course! And not only that! It's all the little things! play

    It's the realization that I wanted to share their experience and knowledge! For trainings still not ready and needs, but to start a band - yes! Make groups Granny, where to place materials on how to effectively develop grandchildren (the parents once, and the time they do not), and to keep himself. There are ideas on the project. This is something that can not take away! The joy of sharing what you've got! People will take advantage of, and become better, especially kids !! The whole world will be better and brighter !!

I remember when beginning to practice, it appeared fine condemnation of parents for education methodology. I see now it is condemnation. Consciousness-show sensation legacy of the past: the unstable emotional and mental bodies, Life has created me as a backup method of education of parents and of my life, so I got stronger and that in the future, I had the chance to collect all the gifts of power. It was a balancing emotional and mental neustoychivosti- legacy of the past. Deep understanding and acceptance. Forgiveness and the dissolution of the claims to the parents. Now I'm ready to open the trunk of gifts collected by me and for me before, to now find a source. There was a strong desire to realize in themselves the source.

     I hear colleagues talking and giving one another advice ... and immediately thought in my head, what do you listen to her? wrong ... STOP! Who knows how to? attention on the breath and everything becomes three-dimensional ... all right !!! )))

    Style your hair dryer, comb falls, the husband said that in a panic? and then I see in the mirror of his displeased face intently-!!! Haha))) Involve !!! hairstyle must be perfect !!! Who believes it? The person relax ... smile ... I see ... every game hairstyle is good)))

    After lunch, I notice fief condition and thought to lie down, turn on the TV, I notice, and is not identified, attention to the body ... it feels tired ... again thought: how to lie? So much to do !!! Again, notice, and is not identified ... turn on the TV and go to bed, watch how the body diverges relaxation wave ... after 5 minutes turn off the TV and go to sleep for a few minutes ... everything is harmonious)))

    Her husband had not paid for my massage (it turns out that we do not understand each other), raised a wave of indignation and at the same time see the game and already ridiculous))) see out anger through laughter ... Bu-bu-bu !!! ... How are you always hear me !!! And watch how the energy seething in the words of indignation and subsides with a smile for the character of her husband)))

     Immersed in the most horror-horror, which is drawn in the mind ... black-black coffin, cold, cold ... emptiness and darkness, a painful sense of the end of all - all! Flying in this chilling black void ... she does not end, and the horror, the horror and all the other terrible sensations pass and this emptiness becomes quite scary and I realize that it is always wrong! just let be everything that draws the mind without resistance, and if you can then without identifying !!!

     Daughter calls and warns that goes with the house for a walk, I'm delighted that it warns feel a pleasant sense of joy, but the daughter goes on to say that the phone she will soon sit down so that it will not be available, I feel a sharp pain in the chest, feeling of social anxiety. Art. ekzist.str.smert loss. The mind says that I forbade her to go out to first charge the phone. Vedus on the first impulse, and forbid her, thinking that she would agree to hear the answer is no ... no, no, I'll go, all moms is and hangs up ... raised the alarm in her chest, but she saw a rally, when the daughter said no specific.

     It so happened that the three of us go to work, my husband offers to take his arm, feeling of palpitations, anxiety. I understand that this is an illusion of love, I know myself, when I start to give in to her husband tricks ie my mind, I start to fall asleep mightily, go did not seem to hear his sentence, he himself took me by the arm, the body began to normalize heart palpitations, anxiety gave way to the joy, can such a game with my husband ?!

I felt ashamed, but the game is still in his game ... gone, wanted to cut the tips, women did not have, I liked it as well tonsured hair last time. I ask the barber not? She says: I'm already free, and I say no, I need another master. And soon she hurried to leave this place. They obviously that - something about me thought, tried to stop, their faces were outraged. But I love myself, and I listen to God, that prompts me to choose from.

Song: There was trouble. I feel lost in a dream. Impotence, weakness. Can not do anything. Very scary. Body skovalo.Probudivshis once sat in meditation. Tuned to the point now, I track down:

bodily feeling: strong compression of the abdomen, a lump in the throat. Heaviness in the shoulders.

Emotion: Fear

The idea: It's not fair

Feeling: impotence, weakness

social fear: injustice

Ekzis. The fear: loneliness, death

The recapitulation of life stories: The story, when it was 8 years old, I had to get up early to go to meet my grandmother, I resist, I want to sleep, do not want to dress up, mischievous. Time is running out, my mother gets nervous, angry and unable to cope with the emotions strongly beat me and left me home alone. Chuvstvuyu- injustice, resentment against my father, that I was not protected, powerlessness and weakness.

I reside, receive and miss this event, a sense of powerlessness, weakness. The energy has gone all over the body.

Razotozhdestvlyayus, watch, I see that this experience is necessary character, to feel weakness and impotence. Everything was well-deserved. Everything happened as it should have happened. I accept with love the experience.

      12:00 There was a chiming clock, the President's greetings. Wish each other all the best, we drank a glass of champagne. The default behavior: the window to see how neighbors are allowed to continue to watch fireworks televizor.Nestandartnoe behavior: We dressed and went out into the street, neighbors with the kids out in the street, preparing to launch fireworks. Each other Happy New Year, shared their impressions. Salute was very nice, we were happy, shouting, laughing, kids running around. There were a lot of fireworks, and it was much more interesting and more beautiful than to look out of the window .. I saw how consciousness is glad and rejoice through all these characters, how much love and goodness of this moment.

     1st of January. Usually we sleep before lunch and then sit at home all day. Non-standard solution. Waking up early. We meditated together. Had breakfast and closer to the dinner went to the City Center. The weather was sunny, windless and surprisingly warm. People were already a lot, I saw how everything was one, characters with so much love and openness to each other Happy New Year, they were all with an open heart. We met so many friends who have not seen for a long time. It was fun. I watched and saw how consciousness has fun with itself.

     By studying the types of characters, I come to an understanding and vision of how consciousness with love and individuality created and endowed traits each type of characters. It began with love and understanding for the different types of characters. It has become more aware.

      From some small things the intellect can inflate the fear ... The role of grandmother to gain momentum. Visiting children and grandchildren, he is all smiles, and my character's jealousy: "And I smile And how you treat me?" Character wants to get love from the outside. And then before leaving naughty grandson, bends here in my arms, rejected, lonely stab in the body. And the reason was simple, is the second tooth is cut, so he's worried. Ha-ha!

        Fear and excitement before meeting with strangers, has a great responsibility to demonstrate their knowledge and experience, it mobilizes my character. Between the vanes of gravity - the manifestation of the usual self-doubt as identification with fear. How many times in my life were those moments that as a result of living given the strength and knowledge from experience. And for the most part there is awareness of the need of this experience, the game goes on !! it sparkle this moment out of nothing and went into the void. A fun and funny, and where fear? He dissolved. I go into this experience with love and gratitude. And what will happen? The moment is now in a variety of colors of your display.

Practice: Sensations: tightness in the head, the tension in the neck and back, along the spine, weakness, abdominal
Emotions: Fear
Thoughts: I do not have time, all left again at the last moment
Event: Preparing for the New Year
Inside suddenly began to raise questions: you sit in practice, what do you need it?
Tears. Why are you crying? I do not have enough love.
What are you afraid now? Lose and the love that I have.
How can you lose it? They give a bad mother and mistress, bad daughter
What is a social fear? Rejected and abandoned.
Existential fear: loneliness
The destructive urge: to be loved, you have to be good
Pere viewing the history of life: Father drunk, screaming that he did not want us, we spoiled him all his life. I froze in the hallway. I'm to blame for his poor life, for it I do not like. The compression in the chest, shaking hands, shaking in the legs, they are cotton. The idea - to prove that I am worthy of a good attitude, I can love. I'm not crying. I leave the room with the intention to do everything to be worthy.
Transformation: prickly ball, 10 cm in diameter in size, is located at the center of the abdomen, the color red, the intensity of the 4 points. Transformation of erasing unpleasant feeling goes away, his place immediately took strong painful tension in the shoulders. I am more than I can afford.
Changing beliefs about the life: no one can spoil the life of anyone, as well as to ask for permission to love and life is not one, all - inside me - is already there.
Equipment not-doing: let yourself not ideal, let not the expectations from herself, let herself live, living feeling of rejection and abandonment.

      In the evening practice - Event - New Year's masquerade ball. Living fear of condemnation, if the event will be held bored, and many will be unhappy. Symbol - angry angry countenance. Rejection, loneliness. Letting. Yeah, so maybe not everyone may like. I need this experience. I'll take everything - such as it is. Openness, trust and flow.

       Who would find to help me. Gaze fell on this whiner. He looks the business, knowing critic. Come on, I ask him! I invite. I see - I should not have bet on him doing that I clung to him? Nothing he does not understand and is not recognized. This City! Instead, the case - some antics. I swear to him, shouting, politely expel. The trend - I do not like conflicts. And I have to argue with him and curse. Why he got to me? I called him myself! Apparently, for the development team to vote! The most interesting thing that I do it without fear, something to do with humor, emotion. But I do not take seriously. And surprisingly, a whiner is not offended. And after I had sewn it to me better attitude! We have some mutual understanding arose. I do not accept that it does not explicitly say that he could not, and pretending. And this is also me. On whom shall I be offended! My ego does not want to give up! Agree weakness, the situation I need! Consciousness so me playing.

      This is not the first time taunts about my work. I see the game of consciousness - yes, I could condemn, ridicule. Yes, it happens. Irritation passes. The desire to justify disappears. There is none. To whom excuses? I watch as E. awkwardly says compliment. I accept the diversity of all.

     Practice Evening:
Bodily sensations: a lump in the throat, mild nausea, tension in the back near the waist
Destructive emotions: anger, irritation, resentment
Thoughts: unfair
The event, which is associated with the condition: a day several times got into a situation, when it became clear to feel the injustice
Social Anxiety (localization in the body) injustice (intense tingling in his left side)
Existential fear (localization in the body): Death (tightness in the throat)
Destructive Belief: Life is not fair, it is necessary to defend their rights
Pere viewing the history of life: I am 7 years old, my mother sends some winter camp at the base, where there is an outdoor thermal pool. I do not know why, but the camp mom sends me first, and later in the same shift, take me home brother. In the camp of unusual children, at all any injury, with the more mental than physical. I do not like it here, besides a few days is my birthday and I do not want to celebrate it here. But I tell my mom about this I do not dare. One day while swimming in the pool, older girl suddenly starts me drown, I can not cry, the water fills the ears, nose, throat, fear fills the body, the adrenaline rush, the last effort to push the girl's side, come to the surface, and our struggle, finally sees the teacher. Thoughts: for that is why I, I did it. To these questions there is no answer. The next day, my birthday. I was ill - otitis media. Sitting in the dining room with a bandaged head, children are given on the occasion of my birthday the day cream. But I myself can not eat it, I have a sore throat and ears. Resentment at her mother for being stuck me in this camp - I could die here! The feeling of injustice - this ice cream as a mockery of me. In the evening, my mother take me home, to the camp brought a brother. No one in the camp after that I no longer went.
Transformation: an expanding ball of thorns in the throat size of an egg, the color red, the intensity of the 4 points. Transformed by fire - burn, then put away the breath of gray smoke from his throat. The body is warm, calm. Gone charges pity myself feeling a victim.
Changing beliefs about life: injustice - this disclaimer, the search for the guilty. My negative attitude towards children, which I think is different from yourself (I - better), led to consequences - a lesson of life.
Equipment not-doing: take the events in which I feel the injustice, wrap around, remember the story of life - from returns.

      I have never expressed to him the evening of claims and irritation, on the contrary tried to show care and attention. Today, after returning home, he hugged me and said, "thank you." I asked "why?". Because you're so cool - he said and hugged even tighter.

The article is in the status (completed *)

Bag with gifts in the fourth game. Haha Play and collect gifts.



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